Active Management

There are two schools of thought when it comes to investing. First, there is the school of thought that it is best to allocate a portfolio to a variety of assets and let those assets stay in a fixed allocation. The second school of thought is that active management can produce better returns with less risk.


We have developed a variety of investment programs designed to meet the growing needs of investors searching for active management. By offering a variety of programs an investor can allocate a portfolio to several active management styles. There is never a single solution to the investment question, but prudent investment principals should always be your guide.


When investing in bonds, is it best to invest in Government or Corporate Bonds?

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When investing in an Exchange Traded Fund, should you invest in a long only ETF or an ETF that is short the investment market and will benefit from a declining market?

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Individual stocks can be daunting, should you invest in value or growth stocks? How about large or small companies?

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Taking Risk

Understanding that various asset classes carry different risk profiles, Global Investment Solutions has developed investment programs that appeal to both the conservative investor and the investor seeking more aggressive growth opportunities.

Ask Questions

We encourage you to view the information that we have contained on this site and to ask questions about how the various programs will benefit you.

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